Our team of professional proofreaders is dedicated to ensuring that your book is polished to perfection, free from even the tiniest errors that can affect the readers’ experience with your book. We will review your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, correcting errors such as misspelled words, repeated words, typos and incorrect punctuation. We assure you of the highest quality, delivered on time and at the most competitive rate.

US$0.02 / CA$0.025 per word
Copy/Line Editing

Line editing goes beyond spelling and grammar errors. It involves improving your manuscript’s structure, pace, tone and clarity. Do you feel like your manuscript is missing something but cannot place your finger on what the missing element is? That’s where our line editing service comes in. We will help you improve your manuscript’s pace, tone, and structure, ensuring that every word works toward your ultimate goal. Using our skills and experience, we will polish and transform your manuscript into a masterpiece that your readers will be happy to read.

US$0.035 / CA$0.045 per word
Developmental Editing

Developmental editing helps to develop the storyline and ensure that all the parts of the story work together to create an engaging and compelling narrative. However, we will not just tell you what to do, but we will handle the rewriting to ensure that all the parts of the book come together to tell the story in a way that will engage your readers’ attention. The editor will provide drafts throughout the project to ensure the changes align with your vision for the book. Ultimately, you will receive a book with the perfect character development, plot arcs, structure, pace and more. We will also proofread your book and send you a manuscript ready for publication.

Pricing Per Project
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